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I wanted to find a body of songs that had such an appeal that I would be moved to give my very best performance as a singer. I found it in Scandinavian song. I have spent a lot of time working up a repertoire and am now able to offer something quite rare; a choice of beautiful Scandinavian songs for performance at special occasions in London. This service is designed for Swedish or Norwegian people based in the UK who would like to have some native live music at their function. I know from my own experience how much one needs contact with ones own culture, and profoundly so at significant occasions.

Grieg is a timeless genius and we have all adored him for ever. My enthusiasm for Swedish songs started a little later through the “Scandinavian Classical Music” group on Facebook . They are to me the ultimate in sophisticated expression and their elegant craftsmanship is on a new level. And as if this wasn’t enough there is a great balance between the Grieg and the Swedish songs which seem to beautifully complement each other. I would engage a really top class pianist to do full justice to the elaborate piano parts and you just need to have access to a good piano. On the next page is a repertoire list of available songs and a few video recordings of me performing them. You can then make your own choice of programme.

I know that it sounds like a quote from IKEA but these songs really are about the “beautiful everyday”. And such themes are easier for a singer to communicate and for an audience to respond to. Over- idealised romantic love of the German romantic Lied is much more understated; instead there is more “hygge”; sweet cameo shots of real life, snippets of folklore and enjoyment of the glories of nature. Some of the Grieg poems are quite cheeky and that is a big draw for me!

To me the sounds of the lyric Norwegian and Swedish are just as beautiful as the music itself; the lilt of the phrases, the acute vowel sounds and the tilt onto vibrant stressed consonants. These are another kind of music in themselves. I try for all the words to be recognisable for the poem to shine out through the music and to try and transport you to a new “place”. In this way you avoid having to take the plane home and can maybe spread the love by inviting your English friends as well.

“Artists like Bach and Beethoven erected churches and temples on the heights. I only wanted... to build dwellings for men in which they might feel happy and at home.”

Edvard Grieg

The cost is £280 per hour for one mezzo soprano and one pianist and includes the cost of one private rehearsal. I would encourage you to look at the repertoire list and watch the videos and think how to create your own smorgasbord of music, to add to the unique atmosphere and enjoyment of your evening.

Janet Solomon

Janet Solomon Sings Songs By Stenhammar And Grieg

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